Accident Reporting, Recording and Investigation
11th March, 2019

Autism Awareness
14th March, 2019

Coercive Control, Stalking and Harassment
28th January, 2019 - FULL

Courageous Feedback
25th February, 2019
11th March, 2019
17th April, 2019

Dementia Awareness (2 day course)
14th February, 2019
15th February, 2019
10th June, 2019
11th June, 2019
17th October, 2019
18th October, 2019

Domestic Violence and Adult Safeguarding
7th February, 2019
6th March, 2019

Domestic Violence, Coercive Control and Stalking Awareness for front line staff
22nd January, 2019
29th January, 2019

Domestic Violence, Coercive Control and Stalking Awareness for Managers
5th February, 2019

Effective Minute Writing
22nd March, 2019

Emergency First Aid at Work
30th January, 2019
20th February, 2019
20th March, 2019

First Aid Awareness / Refresher
13th February, 2019
13th March, 2019

Health and Safety in Social Care
5th February, 2019

Hygiene and Infection Control
28th March, 2019

Manual Handling: Principles
8th February, 2019

Manual Handling: Refresher
19th March, 2019

MCA Mandatory Training - Reflective practice day on applying MCA statutory principles and understanding DOLS
30th January, 2019
25th February, 2019
12th March, 2019
4th April, 2019

Mental Health First Aid (MHFA) 2 days
27th February, 2019
28th February, 2019
27th March, 2019
28th March, 2019
22nd May, 2019
23rd May, 2019

Mental Health First Aid (MHFA) Half day
22nd February, 2019
14th May, 2019

Modern Slavery and Human Trafficking
29th January, 2019

Personal Safety and Lone Working
26th March, 2019

Principles of Workplace Risk Assessment (QNUK)
26th February, 2019

Resilience and Me
31st January, 2019
7th March, 2019
9th May, 2019

Stroke, TIA and Acquired brain injury awareness
5th March, 2019