Think Carbon Monoxide - new important elearning on eCentral

This module shares key 'Think CO' messages in an informative, interactive and engaging way. It's been developed so you can use it yourself or cascade the key messages across your organisation, department and/or team.
This module is primarily targeted at people who visit vulnerable people in their own homes, whether they are paid staff or volunteers from any sector - public, voluntary, community or private. 
However, it is a useful guide for everyone as it covers:
•the sources, signs and symptoms of CO poisoning
•how to help prevent CO poisoning (including getting a gas appliance servicedand all about CO detectors)
•and how to prepare and plan for a suspectedCO incident
The course is made up of 6 sections and an assessment, and is designed to take about 50-60 minutes to complete, either in one sitting or more.

Completion of the assessment includes a certificate of achievement.

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