new Learning and development Programme for 2018/2019

Dear colleague, I have great pleasure in sharing with you the Adult Social Care Learning and Development Programme for 2018/19.  The programme has been designed to meet the needs of the social care workforce in fulfilling the expectations of CQC, AMHP CPD and HCPC, in deploying our business operating model and of course in delivering the highest standards of care and support to Walsall residents.

Whilst we have planned events right through to Spring of next year, additional learning opportunities will be added throughout the year subject to identification of learning needs and additional funding or other resources, so please don’t worry if you cannot immediately identify the learning opportunities to meet your individual needs.  As with previous programmes not all the learning needs identified will be addressed via formal course attendance, it could be the case that participation in action learning sets, E and Distance learning, project work or shadowing, will best meet the identified need or indeed you may decide there is value in you receiving mentoring or coaching support.  We have attempted to provide a range of options for you and your staff.  We are also supporting in-house subject experts to become facilitators so that they can effectively share their knowledge and expertise.  

We hope you find the programme informative and responsive.  As a learning organisation we are committed and open to customer feedback.  If there is anything we can do to make our Workforce Development offer even better please don’t hesitate to contact us via our shared email address:

very best wishes,

Lisa Koc

Learning and Development Manager