Walsall Reablement Service   

Reablement is about giving people over the age of 18 years the opportunity and confidence to relearn/regain some of the skills they may have lost, as a consequence of poor health, disability/impairment or going into hospital or residential care, and to gain new skills that help them to maintain their independence.

The service offers a stepping stone of intensive reablement for people with the motivation or potential to further develop their daily living skills to enable them to live as independently in their own homes as is possible.The Reablement Service also provides an opportunity to carry out an extended and detailed assessment of an individuals abilities and needs so that the appropriate services and support will be available to meet their ongoing care needs.

For information on Walsall Council's approach to Reablement visit our Personalisation pages.

Learning & Development 

The need to incorporate the reablement ethos into our work with Walsall citizens, carers and the Independent third sector is essential to underpin the National Personalisation agenda. It is our role to enable and empower our citizens to have real opportunities to improve their lives, through aids, telecare and the innovation of using a reablement approach in their lives to care to maximise their independence.

We do recognise that there has been a lot of good work with a reablement/enable approach within Walsall already; we hope that this web page will give you the information and confidence to take it further and create real opportunities of choice and control for the people we work with. Sometimes the smallest changes in the approach can make huge differences in people’s lives. 

For details of how Learning and Development has supported the Reablement agenda to date, view the Workforce Development Report (Dec 2012)  to the Vulnerable Adults Executive Board.