Induction, Supervision & Appraisal


A thorough and robust induction is vital for new starters.  Good induction arrangements ensure that new employees are settled in as quickly and as effectively as possible to a happy and productive role.  New employees need to know the basics and also understand the organisation's mission, goals, values, service priorities and clear expectations of the job they have been employed to do.

Induction arrangements must include statutory and job related training which can be on-going for up to 6 months. 

Walsall Council staff:

Managers should complete a workplace induction with all new staff (including temporary staff). Guidance and checklists are available on Inside Walsall – please click here

New staff are also recommended to access the Welcome to Walsall Corporate Induction course – for more information please click here

External Adult Social Care Workforce:

Organisations have a duty to ensure staff are effectively inducted and have access to a blended learning approach within the first 12 weeks of employment.  Refer to Care Certificate guidance for further information.

As a manager of new employees it's your responsibility to ensure that induction training is properly planned and carried out to meet the organisation’s expectations as well as those of associated regulated bodies such as the Care Quality Commission and the Health and Care Professions Council.  


Professional supervision is at the heart of good quality social care practice.  It is a dedicated and regular time where practitioners can reflect and explore their practice.  Good quality supervision should support practitioners to achieve optimum outcomes for their client groups.

Some useful reflective supervision tools can be found here.

Walsall Council staff:

The Adult Social Care Supervision Policy, Procedure applies to all employees of Walsall adults’ social care but recognises that the appropriate form of supervision for an employee will vary according to their role, service context, professional background, qualifications and experience.

Click here for Staff guidance on the Supervision Policy, Procedure and Guidance.

External Adult Social Care Workforce:

Please discuss your organisation’s supervision policy and arrangements with your manager.




They are sometimes dreaded or feared, but appraisals can be an opportunity for constructive dialogue that can benefit an organisation 


It is an opportunity for employees to have some dedicated time with their line manager to:

  • discuss any issues which might be impacting negatively on their health and wellbeing and ultimately their ability to effectively carry out their roles
  • ensure that the performance and development of employees is managed effectively and fairly.

Walsall Council staff

Walsall Council's appraisal process is known as the Annual Performance Conversation (APC) and is a mandatory requirement that applies to all employees of Walsall Council. For further information please click here

External Adult Social Care Workforce

Please discuss your organisation’s performance appraisal arrangements with your manager.