Safeguarding Adults

Everyone has the right to live without abuse or neglect and be treated fairly with dignity and respect.  

Safeguarding adults is about preventing and responding to allegations of abuse or neglect of adults with care and support needs.  

If you are concerned for yourself or someone you know, please contact:

Adult Social Care Access Team 0300 555 2922

Our office hours are Monday to Thursday 8.45am to 5.15pm and Friday 8.45am to 4.45pm

If you need to speak to someone outside of office hours, you can contact the Adult Social Care Emergency Duty Team on 0300 555 2922

For further information on Adult Safeguarding:

Walsall Council staff: please access the adult safeguarding pages on Inside Walsall, which contain details on the West Midlands Adult Safeguarding Policies and Procedures, and Walsall Adult Social Care Adult Safeguarding Practice Guidance  please click here

External Adult Social Care Workforce: please visit our webpage – click here or for information on your responsibilities as an adult social care employer please visit the Skills for Care website – click here

Walsall Safeguarding Adults Board (WSAB)

The Walsall Safeguarding Adults Board is a statutory body, made up of organisations that work together to safeguard adults from abuse and neglect. The board aims to ensure that adults with care and support needs have the right to be safe and live free from the fear of harm

The website is accessible to both members of the public and professionals and aims to give a range of advice and information to make people more aware of adult abuse and what to do about it. Click here to access the WSAB webpages

Walsall Adults Safeguarding Board also offers a wide range of safeguarding courses, which are available to both Walsall Council staff and those in the external adult social care workforce.  To view current learning opportunities and for information on how to book on click here

Modern Slavery and Human Trafficking (MSHT)

Slavery and Trafficking is a safeguarding issue and it is important that all of the adult social care workforce is aware of

What Modern Slavery and Human Trafficking is

How you might identify a potential victim

What to do should you come into contact with a victim

Walsall Council staff: This is a mandatory course for all Walsall Council staff and is available as Face to face courses or an elearning module dependent upon your role. For further information please click here

External Adult Social Care Workforce: Please check what is available from your organisation on this subject or please click here to view the Government webpages

Learning and Development Programme

Our Programme is designed to provide information about learning opportunities available to develop the skills, knowledge and behaviours of those working in adult social care within the Borough including those in the private, voluntary and independent sector, key partners and others with a role in safeguarding/protecting vulnerable people, this includes unpaid carers and those who are employed as PAs by individual employers.

The programme aims to:

  • reflect that the welfare of adults with care and support needs are paramount
  • encompass anti-oppressive practice and challenge discrimination
  • validate inter-agency working and reach a wide inter-agency audience
  • relate clearly to legislation, local policy and procedures
  • root in best practice
  • take account of individual learning styles
  • be responsive to local needs and subject to evaluation and review

Important Information: prior to making a booking you should check carefully who the course is aimed at as external adult social care staff are not able to access all of our offer.

We also advise that you familiarise yourself with our Cancellation and Re-charge policy and Code of Conduct policy – to view our Booking Procedure and Policies please click here.

If you require any further information please contact the Learning and Development Team on 01922 655678 or email

Please note that Skills for Care also offer a range of courses to support the adult social care workforce to ensure that staff can carry out their role effectively. For further information please click here